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Palmer-Call is a public relations consultancy with experience in the restaurant industry, art, architecture and event management.

Whether you're a 'start-up' needing direction on broadening your media profile or an existing business looking to refocus, help is on hand with   advice to suit your aims, big or small. Companies or individuals seeking management, new connections, or collaborations within a current or future framework can send a brief via the contact form.


Understanding your business needs while building on editorial deadlines is an essential path to communicating with your audience and future clients.

Independent, In-house or just plain curious - check out our services page and say "Hello".

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24/8 WORK

is a multi-disciplinary studio based in London/New York formed by artist Helen Brough & architect Emmett Roepke.It produces conceptual architecture & contemporary art, using extensive research & cultural analysis.The company's core aim is to develop, innovate and nurture environments that connect with a client's immediate users whilst respecting its neighbouring public.

Helen Brough is a board member of the Triangle Arts Association, NY and a recipient of grants from both the Soros & Pollock/Krasner Foundations.

Emmett Roepke has worked under Rem Koolhaas at OMA,Perkins&Will and Rockwell Group.A 3-D copy of the company's most recent state of the art treehouse was part of the Royal Academy's Summer Show.

The company is a keen advocate of green tech.

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In a world where Facebook is the new family album- What lies between the vision we see and the truth?It’s a question explored by Israeli-London based photographer Liron Kroll, who searches for and stages that ‘twilight’ between a carefully posed shot and something darker.

By constructing ‘normal’ everyday scenarios and adding a disturbing sub-plot to the narrative -Liron makes us look twice at people's efforts to disguise the reality of their lives. What the eye knows and the mind reads.

After graduating from the Royal College of Art, Liron worked at the BBC, various ad agencies, as well as Ron Arad's 'Restless' exhibition at The Barbican, London.Twice shortlisted for the Taylor-Wessing Prize-her work is included in 125Magazine's Photography Annual and the 125Live Exhibition featuring 'The Talent of Tomorrow-Today'.

Sponsored by Olympus.



is a London based visual artist inspired by the local, narratives of the body in relation to the history of the place and coded space, and the complexities of identity formation. Challenging notions of social and cultural normativity he presents his subjects as components of an enigma, or indeed as enigmas themselves, suspended in a moment of timelessness, where the confines of age, race and gender have the potential to dissipate and be redefined. His work has anthropological sensibility, by revealing the psychological and social conditions of his subjects; he seeks to strip away the veneer between a person and their world.

His commissions include the National Portrait Gallery, The Photographers' Gallery, Victoria & Albert Museum and the Museum of Liverpool

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